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A joint venture between The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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  • An international team of scientists working on the multi-year research project ‘Towards the Monitoring of Dumped Munitions Threat’ (MODUM), supported by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme.

    Military attacks have alarming consequences on our ecosystem. Their huge footprint includes millions of tons of ammunition in our oceans, contaminating landscapes, and 10% of global carbon emissions.

    This is a trailer of the documentary “Deadly Depths,” won “Best Documentary German Green Screen Film Fest 2014” for having amazing footage and being extremely informative. Featuring IDUM founder and munitions expert, Terry Long.

    International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM)

    IDUM, actively cooperates globally with national and International organizations and bodies on UWM’s. IDUM has conducted 5 international dialogues, working groups, conferences and seminars on UWM’s. IDUM: help draft, and present the social-economic overview on United Nations (UN) Resolution “Cooperatives measures on sea dumped chemical weapons” at UN Second Committee for Sustainable Development in 2010 and 2013; Chaired side event sessions on Sea Dumped Chemical Weapons during Third Review Conference of State Parties, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC); Observer to International Seabed Authority (ISA) for Law of the Sea; Observer to OSPAR and Helsinki Commissions for the Protection of the North-East Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea; Chairman, Expert Panel Sea Dumped Chemical Weapons Human Health and Environment, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta Georgia; Chairman, International Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) on Sea Dumped Weapons (SDW’s), The Hague, The Netherlands and on Scientific Committee of the Polish Naval Academy Marine Security Yearbook. IDUM continue to cooperate by providing a voluntary commitment to UNEP Oceans Conference as a global focal point on underwater munitions Policy, Science, Technology, and Responses.

    IDUM is active as Associated Partner, Co-Director and Work Package Leader for collaborative international scientific programs. They include nike blazer hi vintage leather bomber
    , Search and Assessment of Chemical Weapons Baltic Sea; NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) MODUM ; DAIMON (Decision Aid for Marine Munitions).

    3. Begin using the new affirmation statements.

    Fold the paper in half again. Never again read the left side. Ignore it forever.

    Post the folded paper, positive-statements on top, somewhere you’ll see it often. Above the toilet paper roll. Over the kitchen sink. Read your affirmations from time to time, but there’s no need to dwell on your list. It is simply an occasionalreminder that you’re transforming your thinking.

    If you catch yourselfthinking or saying any ofyour old (negative) beliefs, stop yourself. Transform it into the positive, right then and there.

    Ask your family and friends to help by simply pointing out any negative self-descriptions when you say them. When they do, transform the negative to the positive immediately, and say the new statement aloud to them.

    You’re literally changing your mind.

    4. See the “magic” gradually unfold.

    The “magic” will happen, if you do the first three tasks. Truly! I’ve done this ever since I learned how, and I promise you it absolutely works. I have a good and happy life and things generally go my way. I believe it’s because I do this kind of work ongoingly.

    Soon you will not only say you’re good at handling money (or whatever your issue is), but you’ll also begin to believe it and—here’s the magic—one day you’ll notice that you are good at it!

    The negative statements will gradually disappear from your mind.

    If you stick with this, what’s absolutely true is that:

    “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe

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    Kate is a retired teacher, editor, and technical writer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She blogs sporadically at nike air max white and blue 2015 tiguan
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